Car Body Repairs Berkshire

Car Body Repairs Berkshire

Bumper repairs -spilt, cracked or scuffed. We can carry out all types of bumper repair ranging from scratches and scuffs to plastic welding cracks and dent repairs. We would repair the damaged area then paint and blend to keep the repair as small as possible keeping costs down. 

Dent repairs. We specialise in mobile dent repairs using techniques such as glue pulling or pin pulling the majority of the dent then we use a light skim of body filer to smooth the damage back to level, prime paint and either blend the effected area or paint the full panel if required. 

Minor alloy repairs. We conduct minor alloy repairs by sanding the kerb/scuff damage and filling if needed, once the wheel is smooth it will be primed and refinished in either gloss/satin or matt. 

Machine polishing/paint correction. Sometimes scratches and scuffs appear worse then they actually are and can be removed or improved by wet sanding and machine polishing. We use the highest quality cutting compounds to restore your paintwork. 

All our paintwork has a lifetime ownership guarantee providing no previous repairs have been carried out.

Car Body Repairs Berkshire, repairs car’s throughout the county.

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WHy Us?

Not only do we offer the convenience of a repair at a location that suits you. We also offer weekend appointments to work around you.

Usually cheaper than your insurance excess so no need to lose your no claims bonus.

Over 10 years experience in the auto body and paint industry we are also accredited by the institute of motor industry for cosmetic repairs.



We require a few photos/video of the damaged area which can be uploaded below alternatively you can WhatsApp us here.